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Diesel Fitness

"Before attending IMG and being trained by Phil, I never had someone who trained me. I would find a local gym to train at and do what I felt was necessary for next season. After having the worst season of my career, I knew it was time for me to take the next step and be pushed from mediocre to good and hopefully, from good to great. Phil found my weak spots right away and not only did he strengthen those spots, but he made them more powerful and explosive. I was seeing and feeling the results of his training within a week. After over a month of training I went into Spring Training faster, stronger, bigger, and better. Even my coaches noticed the difference by just appearance. That baseball season I excelled expectation and ended having the best season of my career (327 avg./31HR/96RBIs). It’s been 3 years and I go train with Phil every off season. Ooh yea, I forgot to mention, the year after that awesome year I had, I won the MVP award. Coincidence? I think not. Phil is the real deal."

– Andrew McCutchen

"If you’re looking for a trainer to get you to your peak physical fitness level, Phil Wallin is your guy. He uses his knowledge of body mechanics to eliminate any weakness holding you back from your potential, and motivates you to push past your previously thought”barriers.” Phil will not only strengthen your body, but your mind also. He will push you to never stop learning and growing as a person."

– Brandon Nimmo

"Working with Phil Wallin has truly brought the best of my abilities to the surface. He truly has my best interest as a priority and maximizes my performance with his energy, passion for wellness and never settling and becoming the best possible you. Not only physically has Phil aided me but mentally he has made me so much tougher and a well-rounded individual. You can’t go wrong with Phil Wallin."

– Granden Goetzman

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"I have known Phil Wallin since I was 20 years old. I was a junior at the University of Oklahoma. I immediately felt a connection with Phil and wanted to know everything there was about how to become stronger. We meshed instantly and the bond has been strong ever since. We both share a passion for becoming great. I am 25 now and playing with the Oakland Athletics. I have led the organization in innings pitched the last two seasons and become a better pitcher physically and mentally every year. I can’t say that I would have met these goals without the guidance and teaching of Phil. Not only have I become stronger and more powerful I have grown mentally as well. The difference between Phil and every other coach is the genuine passion that he puts into everything. He cares about my well being as an athlete as much as his own. That is the real difference. Phil has helped make me a standout pitcher and an even better person"

– Zach Neal

"As a professional athlete, my body is my livelihood and profession. My offseason is the key time to elevate my fitness and work towards healthier and stronger seasons. As a professional I have the resources to seek out the best and most efficient trainers for my specific physical and athletic needs. For the past two off-seasons, I have had the privilege to choose Phil Wallin as my strength and conditioning coach. He is passionate about making me a better athlete and dedicated to helping me be a healthier and stronger individual. His approach to wellness and physical strength encompasses an even balance of intensity and fun. Phil creates a workout environment that I look forward to participating in day after day. His vast knowledge of wellness, from nutrition to recovery, is the foundation of his workouts and is evident in the results I have seen while working with him. His dedication to my physical and personal wellness carried over into my seasons and beyond and I hope I have the privilege to work with him for years to come"

– Pedro Alvarez

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"I first met Phil two years ago at IMG Academy after I was picked by the Toronto Blue Jays. I was tall, lanky, and had trouble getting off the mound and moving efficiently. Phil developed a program to specifically address my needs. We focused on different movement patterns, core stability, and hip mobility. This tied directly into my weight lifting program so I can be explosive on the mound and get deep into games. Most importantly the program is designed to keep us healthy to endure a long season, and teaching good daily habits to tie into your routine. I have followed Phil wherever he has gone because I value how much time he invests in his athletes and his profession"

– Matt Smoral

"Phil is a big part of the success I have had, and will continue to have throughout my career. I was fortunate enough to work with Phil at the University of Oklahoma and from the first day I knew he was a cut above the rest. Phil is always looking to improve himself and find ways to make his athletes better on and off the field. He is dedicated to helping others improve and is genuinely happy when his athletes succeed."

– Burch Smith

"Phil and the Diesel Staff were able to discover my weakness and locate my muscular imbalances to improve my mobility and stability, helping me become a more consistent golfer. I also got stronger and improved my power while training at Diesel, which helped me become more efficient and effective in my golf swing. Overall, Diesel Fitness has a great training environment and will give any athlete the accountability it takes to win at the highest level."

– Ryuji Imada, PGA – Golf

"In the few months I have been training at Diesel Fitness I have gained strength, speed, mobility and flexibility. My club head speed has increased, I no longer have limitations in my golf swing and can play golf freely without having to worry about back pain or soreness. Diesel was instrumental to my success at Q-school and gaining fully exempt status on the Web.com tour. Playing professional golf for a living I need every advantage I can get and Diesel Fitness gives me that advantage."

– Doug Letson, Golf

"When I first came to Diesel, I thought I had a good idea of what I needed to do in the gym and didn’t think a trainer was even necessary. I had lifted and trained all through high school and college. Phil immediately put together a program that was custom for me, and started to attack all of my weaknesses. I had 4 years of knee pain that was gone in 8 weeks after persistent care under Dr. Jamie and Phil. The atmosphere is competitive, focused, supportive, and detail oriented. I have gained so much mobility, strength, and power from working with Phil and training at Diesel. All the tools to become great are fully accessible if you just show up and give 100% effort. Phil even works with my swing coach to make sure we are optimizing every aspect of my training."

– Kelli Pry, Golf

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